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  1. Juan Pablo Matus


  2. Hiigara

    Who tf is that laura Bird. Hiring faster than I can keep up

  3. CaptainToyota

    I hate that dress duno why it agitates me for some odd reason

  4. Matt H

    Lewis doesn't want a real battle, that PR talk. He want a lite battle that he knows he can win with confidence.

  5. Rick Tamm

    Sam is the man!

  6. TIMM EH

    Bottas gets to the rental car post-race before Lewis...."Valterri it's James..."

  7. Pete Mitchell

    Masks with exhaust vents protect only the user. Not allowed in most government buildings due to that.

  8. Gabriel Benjamin

    Hope to see another brothers battle in near future basically in same team it maybe both Schumacher or Leclerc 😜😜

  9. Allez les Rouges

    Daniel Ricciweirdo needs to go back to kart racing or better yet pushing shopping trolleys

  10. CGIPadawan

    For a moment I thought Sainz was wearing a McLaren shirt heading out for that running session. lol

  11. Gabriel Depallens

    Great warm up. Awesome to see Laura and Sam in the paddock

  12. Melinda Barredo

    Will needs to dress up or change his “regular” assemble.

  13. B.Sunil KUMAR

    Max Lewis Sergio

  14. Javier Lozano

    Will Buxton! You the man!

  15. Siul Novrac

    So he's gonna jinx checo now!

  16. Wesley

    Laura sounds like the voice in the briefings in Hitman games...

  17. Ed S.

    Technical term " sticky uppy bits"

  18. Hannah

    Where’s Lawrence?!

  19. Michael

    Ricciardo-“ that relaxed state will come next season when I’m driving for another team”

  20. T.A. Seiber

    90 seconds in and love Laura 10x more than David. Cut him, keep Lawrence and will and Laura. The end 🙏🏻

  21. baxwala

    Bottas Vs Perez all weekend

  22. Somewhere Strange And In Between

    Love Sam! My favorite F1 dude!

  23. smportis

    I would be ok if you spoke without your masks and stood a few feet further apart - it's all so muffled.

  24. Tommy Trautwein

    Don’t be a sheep

  25. Juan Gonzalez

    I think this was the last time Bottas overtaked someone

  26. Greg Barth

    is Laura flirting with Will?

  27. Fansen Caesar

    I think this is the most perfect combination so far, all of them is know f1 more than anyone before

    1. Fansen Caesar

      Also put Lawrence there, and they all gonna be great

  28. Nicholas Heath

    Aston Martin are so full of it.

  29. Real

    I don't care about Max or Lewis but after reviewing their races in F1TV from their cams and listening to the radio, Mercedes is bending the rules all race on track limits while RB isn't. Then when RB tries to bend it just like Merc is near the end, they get hit for it. It seems like what's happening is similar to other sports. Penalties on "mundane" errors aren't being handed out until the last bit of the race when it matters most. The issue with that is not only is it inconsistent, is that letting someone do it during the race in this sport means a continuous small advantage which stacks over time. Half a tenth here and there every lap adds up over 50-60 laps. FIA needs to clean this up. I don't want to keep reviewing these guys going outside the lines in laps 1-50 and then suddenly it's not ok 51-60. My 2 cents as someone not a fan of either driver or team.

  30. shaunmark1

    Mazepin's glasses... I can't facepalm enough on this guy.

  31. Sean

    Ditch the masks, you're outside.

  32. 8power0


  33. Agustín Lara

    Why didnt you talk to or about carlos in his home race??

  34. Swet Sahu

    What's with Will? Looks like he really couldn't care less for what Sam has to say! It's quite annoying

  35. Gary Graves

    Can someone show me where MazesBin has been used to leading and winning races his whole career?!

  36. Luke Mitchell

    Without question the single most satisfying race win radio message, just wish it wasn't censored

  37. Jai Rasta

    Amazing reporting by Sam 💯💯

  38. Alec Mayo

    What happened to Natalie Pinkham? She had a history with and knowledge of F1.

  39. Franco Pereira


  40. Ben DE

    Laura should be on this for the rest of the season

  41. Muhammad Magdy

    where is this Bottas 😢 right now?

  42. Sjajs Rifle ror


  43. Allez les Rouges

    Mazepin looks like an idiot

  44. AND

    Is no one talking about the eye contact between will and sainz

  45. Makenna Edwards

    Carlos- straight up not having it 😂


    I think im in love with Laura

  47. Gaurav Khanna

    Will - I think Perez will be Pole. Perez - Does that mean I have to start from the end again?

  48. Safwan Zahid

    We love the tech talk and we love the hosts even more

  49. Emerson Perez

    Mazepin is such a clown from his driving to his sunglasses

  50. Gary Smith

    He sounds very Canadian

  51. Joseph Dungee

    Hopefully Daniel can improve on last year (Personally I thought he should have stayed with Renault)


    Gasly so strong in that grand prix

  53. anydaynow

    This is the best weekend warm up of the season so far, keep this cast of characters Formula 1!

  54. Peter Henning

    Speculation has it Valtteri got sacked

  55. Fábio Macedo

    Kamui Kobayashi

  56. Joseph Dungee

    5:49 Oh YEAH "The Hammer!"

  57. Lucia Gonzalez

    Hi erik

  58. Krunx 2

    The Iceman is always cool no matter what 😎

  59. NoClassic

    Sam and Laura coordinating patterns I see.

    1. Footwork

      Laura's dress is lovely.

  60. Vilmar Silva

    O Riccardo é um piloto muito bom de corrida

  61. RottieShep CALIBRE

    25:26 Sams face when Will backs Perez for the win 🤣😂

  62. manolis wec

    he should ask him more when prost said he loved the car that senna didnt like at all, williams 1994

  63. Milk

    My guy really wants to jinx Perez


    I mean it must be hard to be frustrated for long when you're a millionaire...just saying :v

  65. Artur Perzyna

    Ricardo is taking these mental psychological workouts serious.

  66. Mark G

    Should I be ashamed if I was to wish I was either of those kids?

  67. Ratnesh Patil

    Love this fomat!

  68. Mateo Frara

    Did anyone noticed that Mazepin is literally inexistent for the FOM? lol.

  69. Robert M

    Sam is brilliant!

  70. Artur Perzyna

    "How tough changing team is..." As i get older the easier is to derove analogies between disciplines. Imagine as a professional working on your computer, necessity to change your software. It will take few weeks up to a few months. Your skills are there, just need to adapt and get proficiency.