2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Race Highlights


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    We returned to Imola for the first time since 2006 as Mercedes stood on the brink of making constructors' championship history...
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    1. Itumeleng Ramailane

      5:09 I remember losing all faith in Albion right there 🥺 AlexNoo🙆‍♂️

    2. Mehmet

      2021 here?

    3. Marocanu NR. 1

      Max in 2020 :DNF Max in 2021 : WIN

    4. Manuel Kniep

      2020:Ruseel is on the way to his first Points in F1, crashing behind the Safty Car. 2021:Russel is again on the way to his first Points,crashing with Bottas

      1. Nobilt

        both just infront of kimi

    5. Palash Senapati

      Here after Max's First win in Italy!!❤️

    6. 林柏均

      4:33 comes here for 2021 Imola

    7. Yiannis Hayabusa

      Perfect Amazing Fantastic Exelent Magical The Best Ever ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    8. Cenon Saranguero

      What I've Done From FORMULA 1

    9. FatVaderStudio

      I thought i overslept the race today, why does this always happen? Bahrain was the same...

      1. Danish Azmi

        drink coffee XD I had to stay up to 3 am here in NZ

      2. ggbeast11

        i swear it just happend to me too 😅

    10. Starrybeam 787

      this appeared on my recommended today and i was so confused

    11. Iramaia Santiago

      grande carrera do kvyat no ano passado com gp emilia romagna

    12. Nico Montinola

      Hamilton has all the luck in the world!

    13. Marco Giorgini


    14. Furax123 Didier

      2:13 Ahhh

    15. Rickne

      Who’s here from FP1 to see the Williams drivers do well?

    16. Vince奇觀

      2:51 Ocon is the thirty Mercedes Driver🤨

    17. Daniel Bleher

      Let’s hope the two Aston Martin drivers achieve better results this year...

    18. Thedude1983

      Valtteri had this race won

    19. Descomplicando Apostas


    20. Ed Swann

      looking back we can all see that the red bull was impossible to drive. Lay off Albon, he's class but didn't get the support he needed, and the 2020 red bull was such a difficult car to drive

    21. M Hoj

      The screaming commentator is really annoying. Brundle is great.

    22. saucy nonchalance

      pit speed should not be a automated button ... should be up to driver to control. room for more penalties

    23. Márton Szeleczki

      If Albon had hit Sainz, Latifi would score point earlier in his carrer, than Russell😅😂

    24. bacardibum

      annoying commentator sounds like he should be working at an auction. mute immediately.

    25. Nixer Doyle

      Crofty, you need to look up imperious.

    26. carlos sandoval

      2:13 ª

    27. Quaresma Edits

      This friday😍😍😍

    28. Quinten van der Hoorn

      Whom is watching this when the imola gp is in a week

    29. Sourav Barman

      Another boring race!! No competition on the top.

    30. Andrew Douglas

      I came back to see what happened in this race as it was so forgettable. Wasted a few minutes of my day.

    31. WALKOUT Boss

      Don't deserve it LeWiS Hamilton

    32. WhiskRL

      Just a few days until the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix kick's off.

    33. Trapped Moss

      02:13 HAM BOT VER PER

    34. Ramzey_95


    35. NrcXDarkXKnight

      People: Bottas is just a below avg diver who got lucky to be in a Mercedes Bottas' luck:

    36. SandbagX


    37. hanlet herman martinez peña


    38. hanlet herman martinez peña


    39. hanlet herman martinez peña


    40. heretustay

      yall made me think i missed imola 2021 with this popping up in my recommendeds 😂

    41. Robbie NL

      Great job of Mercedes beating Bottas again.

    42. Piotr Kobielus

      GP Włoch

    43. Raghava Raju

      Track is clear so far!! 😂

    44. Dion Peeters

      2:13 *AHMM*

    45. LegibleGraph25

      2:10 Alex albon is coming to join this party a a

    46. Devane Risby

      2:13 corfty struggling to get the words out

    47. Yellow TCheetah

      hope for wet race

    48. Joan Cabral

      Mercedes seven Champion wold

    49. Royal Anand

      If somebody didn't saw the race I want to tell you how Vettel dropped from 5 to 14 As seb was doing everything for ferrari in 2020 so the pit crew thought he was also going to change the tyres of his car but he didn't jumped out to change the tyres so then they had to change the tyres . Which took just 13 seconds . So it was all seb's fault

    50. Chinelo Ndefo

      neon got moves have you got moves anytime anywhere

    51. Redho-X-Racing


    52. Hans Wurst

      5:07 That was the moment when Albon lost his Red Bull seat!

    53. Ricardo Aleman

      Subtitle to LatinoAmerica plis

    54. Amri Taufik

      Bring back kmag

      1. Amri Taufik

        @JΛMΛ now we know who's trash

      2. EliteFlite

        @JΛMΛ yes because that was definitely his fault and not his trash car...

      3. JΛMΛ

        he was trash 💀

    55. Nathan Gutierrez

      You know the commentary is over done when you can barely hear the cars.

    56. Jonathan Appel

      2:12 ”aaeehh”😩😩

    57. fabook1

      Imola is soooo boring with modern f1 cars

    58. ZM Gamerz

      Stop ham win

    59. Intelligenzbestie

      Russel did the Grosjean

    60. Alexander Alex

      2:18 "Its Leclerc And The Ferrari" FIA:New Team Added By Crofty.


      This track reminds me of Ayrton Senna in his last race

      1. ScotsmanDoBeMadMental

        That's because its the same track

    62. Dragon KRIEG

      i guess this is what Toto Wolff meant by Russell still makes mistakes. He just pulled a "I think Ericsson hit us"

    63. Chinelo Ndefo

      I want to be like you do nice things for me and you will always be here for me

    64. Chinelo Ndefo

      NEON qt is my best sister i love her so much 💗

    65. Davide Marcianò

      Come è bello

    66. Chinelo Ndefo

      star power is for rainbow raven and lil rainbow raven

    67. Chinelo Ndefo

      wow look at that red star rainbow raven on the red star power of fast speed

    68. LizzyandTishiPiggy Roblox Racing

      Max in Italy: DNF Max in mugello: DNF Max in Imola: DNF ITALY IS CURSED FOR MAX! EVEN IN THE PAST 2019 in Italy: Max changing front wing on 1st lap 2018 in Italy: Max getting a penalty losing his podium 2017 in Italy: Max getting a punture and only finishing 10th Poor man.

    69. Nnaemeka Omeruo

      5:46 no one cares

    70. Chinelo Ndefo

      Aw I haven't played lol surprise monopoly

    71. LM47

      1:25 I just love those shiny fresh tires👌

    72. jkl

      2:57 Genuinely the worst moment of the season for me😭😭😭

    73. nashvin joshua

      0:36 grumpy old brundle slating bottas and not for the first time.

    74. Luu Duong Hy

      New rules may available on 2022(Not confirm, but my opinion) The pit lane closed during Virtual Safety Car, mean the driver will no longer pit during virtual safety car condition.

    75. B O I

      wanna hear something weird? 2:13

    76. Declan Wilhelm

      I think George just straight up tried to take the portal to the simracing world right there

    77. Declan Wilhelm

      guys take this off the 2021 calendar this race was soooo boring

      1. taki-bs

        Which track sol replace the race

    78. Bombskiez

      2:12 ayoo what was that

    79. CrabNicolson

      Crofty reminds me of why i've stopped watching F1 races. Jesus take a breath and stop yelling. You're not Murray Walker.

    80. Search


    81. ScotsmanDoBeMadMental

      This track killed the legendary ayrton senna.

    82. The Man w/No Name

      2021(Gregorian) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

    83. Alessandro Barcio

      Race results on Emilia Romagna grand prix 2020 1st Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes 2nd Vatteri bottas 77 Mercedes 3rd Daniel ricciardo 3 Renault 4th danil kvyat 26 alphatauri 5th charles leclerc 16 Ferrari 6th Sergio perez 11 Racing point 7th Carlos sainz 55 Mclaren 8th Lando norris 4 Mclaren 9th Kimi raikkonen 7 alfa romeo 10th Antonio giovinazzi 99 alfa Romeo 11th Nicholas Latifi 6 Williams 12th Sebastian vettel 5 Ferrari 13th lance stroll 18 Racing point 14th Romain grosjean 8 haas 15th Alexander albon 23 red bull Dnf George russell 63 Williams Dnf max verstappen 33 red bull Dnf Kevin magnussen 20 haas Dnf esteban ocon 31 Renault Dnf Pierre Gasly 10 alphatauri

    84. Arson Gaming53


    85. TheThinker25

      Imola... What wanderful Track.. ❤️

    86. N 17

      2:13 😳😩

    87. Daniel Escobar

      racing point deciding to pit perez probably is top 3 worst decisions all season long.

    88. Nzila Ng'andu

      Looking forward to imola this year 🙌🏾

    89. UltimatumNo5

      @FORMULA 1, bring the old camera angles back! Otherwise, its too close to the cars and they all look too fast but you can't see the action

    90. Cameron McNaughton

      Anyone pop by after the confirmed Imola for the 2021 calendar?

      1. Raditya Pramana Putra

        Me! 🙌

    91. JANCRA

      If You Dont Get Goosebumps Listening To David Croft And Martin Brundle Commentate While Watching F1 Race Your Not A True F1 Fan

      1. Raditya Pramana Putra

        @JANCRA Absolutely YES! 🙌🙌 :P

      2. JANCRA

        @Raditya Pramana Putra you know it brother

      3. Raditya Pramana Putra

        Agree! 🙌😊

      4. Plasticblockofgrey


    92. 정은주

      Who's here after they anounced imola is in the 2021 calendar?

      1. Raditya Pramana Putra

        Me! 🙌

    93. Life is a Joker

      Ham will be' remebered for is class ,but mostly for his disgustin luck

    94. Nathan_1617

      Who’s here after it was announced that Imola is remaining on the calendar for 2021 after all?

      1. Raditya Pramana Putra

        Me! 🙌

    95. Syed Zaman Ali Shah

      it much more interesting when the commentator are screaming in your ear

    96. Jose Andres QUEZADA RAMSEY

      Glad is coming back again

    97. Dani

      So happy this is in the 2021 calender!

    98. Max Seabold

      Can't wait for this circuit again in 2021.

    99. Stefizier

      Im sad Sebastian Vettel was my favorite driver and he’s not winning anymore Now I just like to see the race and can’t be on a side because everyone knows that Hamilton is going to win 95% of the time

    100. Vesna Nedanovska