INSIDE STORY: Sergio Perez's Astonishing Last To First Victory


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    Relive Sergio Perez's stunning maiden Formula 1 win as you have never before! When he found himself in last place after a frenetic start under the Bahrain lights, who could've predicted that he would snatch such an unlikely victory?!
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    1. CSlim Chill

      omfg GOOO!!!!!

    2. Gabriel Klemann

      é horrível lembrar do GP que o Bottas perdeu o mínimo de respeito que eu tinha por ele... LIMITADO

    3. azapro911

      And remember, his Formula 1 career was on the line. Unbelievable guts.

    4. CLCXYZ

      Wanted Russell to win but he will get his chance, Checo deserved a win

    5. Adventure It Out

      Even though monza was amazing! This was my favorite race of last year!

    6. Mohammad Alattar

      Fun fact You searched this up more than once

    7. Andre Breumsoe

      Perez led more laps in Portimao than Gasly and Albon ever did with Red Bull.

    8. Divyanshu Kaushik

      This was my favorite grand prix in a long time. Checo Checo!👏👏

    9. Victor Valkyrian

      All of us in México are proud of Checo, even people who don't watch or understand F1 racing, he is now a national hero, OUR HERO!!! Viva Checo y viva México!!!

    10. Edoardo Poggi

      I’m crying... A legend

    11. Kim Thanh Trần Thị

      Sang per 1st

    12. scar

      This race it's what made me pay attention to every race now, I use to be a casual viewer

    13. Viraj Malache

      Sergio Perezs'z super star

    14. DJ CUMULUS

      Who else got chills

    15. Bryan Salto mendoza

      Súper a tú

    16. Mega Firdaus

      It might take 190 trials before you finally get to your 1st success. Ah, always love how F1 somehow teach you the roller coaster of life.

    17. Scott Taylor

      I'm not crying you're crying

    18. Myview

      That background music though....

    19. The Cognition

      It's also a story of Russell's bad luck

    20. Bryan Salto mendoza

      Eso si

    21. RalfsStuff

      Absolutely gutted at Russel's race but Checo winning made more than up for it.

    22. Anne Rud

      One of my favorite races. That was so exciting to watch that day.

    23. Ghosty Gaming

      Perez is basically me playing Formula 1 on my PS4 against medium bots

    24. Mason

      watching this puts a lump in my throat

    25. Bryan Salto mendoza


    26. 주민홍

      real drama.! pink pink is the color of madness!

    27. R R

      Men do cry. ❤

    28. abhishek vijayanand

      King of tyre management - Checo Perez🔥

    29. KING GT

      Ese es el sergio perez que todos queremos ver en red bull

    30. Anthony Brown

      Where was Lewis in this race?

    31. Stefan Cosmas


    32. Alexander Marks

      Russel has talent

    33. Jay Vin

      Can someone explain to me how he was just so much faster and able to overtake so easily every time

      1. Sergey the Web Dev

        He likes a very low downforce setup compared to other drivers.. it makes him accelerate much faster down the straights. While a low downforce setup usually makes a car lose grip at the corners, "His slip control on the throttle coming out of the corners is just remarkable" - Andrew Green, Aston Martin Technical Director

    34. A red

      Love that man putting it down for the Raza!

    35. Axics 293

      Thats the most beautiful win ever in my opinion checo is the best

    36. Joe 15

      Straight up better than drive to survive

    37. Juganwa Comedy

      wow wonderful moments

    38. Tanvi Music

      Lots Of Love From India

    39. Hugo H. Huidobro

      we mexicans always come from behind.... checo eres un orgullo pones a todo el pai en alto!!!!

    40. Donnalie Yap

      The shot with checo and the fireworks going off behind him is the best thing I’ve seen

    41. Kenneth Ellseth

      this man has done some serious impressive results and races during his career, I wish he had a championship title!

    42. odlaar

      This makes a grown man want to cry

    43. Francisco Cabrera

      No lo digo por ser latino... Pero esta fue la mejor carrera de estos ultimos campeonatos.... De 18 a llegar numero 1....

    44. Skrily 35P

      This was amazing!!!

    45. sunita venugopal

      Serigo Pérez will win the Sakhir gp

    46. sunita venugopal

      Serigo Persée is epic

    47. LaughBabyLaugh

      Give me a like if your pace of watching this video is seriously strong on repeat.😅How many times have you watched? “Checo,your pace is seriously strong.” Tim Wright,race engineer.

    48. Mitch From The Internet

      Some bits of the commentary are like Netflix... made out to be live when it’s clearly recorded well after the race.

    49. Clayton Rone

      Drive to survive should have more of this and less hogwash

    50. River Page

      Oh poor George Russel. That kid can drive when he’s in the right equipment

    51. Alpa Shah

      9:33 epic , incredible moment

    52. Edward Velez

      Kudos to him on this one. He played it well

    53. Ronaldo Garrosu

      Amazing what money can buy you.

    54. Umut İkizoğlu

      What a podium

    55. not bull shit

      2:00 giovinazzi turned in to räikkönen?

    56. Evan Conner

      That’s awesome go Checo

    57. P BXSTI18


    58. Pablo Berdún Reyes

      "genuine Puncture".... What a fake....

    59. Allem Meyur

      The rise of the underdog..... Never gets old, this video ❤️

    60. Aunt Dada


    61. Warrdyy

      Sergio Perez literally pulled an "oh no, anyway"

    62. SpeedFreak0122

      Watching this after the Bottas /Russell crash... He destroyed him in a Mercedes and very nearly passed him with a Williams.

    63. Rafie AR

      Been a fan of him and F1 since 😭😭😭

    64. Daniel

      Race of the year! Can’t wait the time Lewis retiring and we gonna have race like this as long as verstappen isn’t too dominant for his competitors.tbh i still gutted for russell

    65. Jinansh Mehta

      Let's go team Mexico!

    66. Leonides Barceló

      Totally inspiring. Huge triumph.

    67. Aimar Tammekivi

      Sergio was on fire that day.

    68. PixeleQ

      Perez: *comes back* Mercedes’s pit stop: let me help you with that

    69. Porter Smelser

      Why am I crying in the club?

    70. Ayo Madcow

      This was an amazing race to watch glad to see from Sergio perspective.

    71. skan8

      I don't get why they stopped puting medium tyres and put back the hard ones on Bottas car ?

    72. MRÓWA

      Everytime i am watching this I have tears in my eyes

    73. Eldin Catovic

      Just remembered that bottas and russell were team mates and few weeks ago they swear at each other in imola lol

    74. Frebs

      Think about funk??

    75. Dorian Gray

      If Formula 1 was a movie, this was it... Superb~!..

    76. Cherry

      This is enough to make a grown man cry 😭

    77. Owster249

      Everyone forgets McLaren would have won this race

    78. Jag

      I keep watching this. He had nothing to lose.

    79. TOX Acid

      Straight out a Disney movie

    80. Luis Etzel

      Russel mercedes?

    81. Benjamin Manu

      Hey everyone so I just started following/watching F1 within the last few days. So I was just wondering, what happened to Lewis? I noticed he wasn't one of the mercedes driver?

      1. izzad ibrahim

        He was under quarantine so replaced him with williams' driver russell.

    82. Everything


    83. Nicolás Guzmán


    84. Jorgito Ruartes

      Latino gang

    85. J N Gyatso

      They should make a movie out of this

      1. J N Gyatso

        @Kaneda One can achieve wonders when you got nothing to lose. Perez's has many defining moments in his career but this by far takes the crown, beautiful uppercut to everyone throwing jabs at him.

      2. Kaneda

        It really has hollywood written all over it. Kicked out of the team for someone worse, the better driver out of the two, nothing to lose and he sent it all the way, AND he got signed to another team.

    86. Vishwas Reddy

      Only if ferrari trusted vettel like this in 2020

    87. Paulo Correia

      Helluva season, with Checo's *and* Gasly's maiden wins!

    88. Marcos Garcia

      Orgullo e inspiración para los mexicanos Sergio "Checo" Pèrez! 🇲🇽 ❤️

    89. iPhad

      Who’s here after Russell and bottas crash at imola

    90. Arnav Dixit

      I am new to F1. Lewis Hamilton wasn't in the race?

    91. shirleytwsw

      Nice to see other guys win besides hamilton and bottas makes it more interesting

    92. Kirk Montaque


    93. DUNJ

      The race is always interesting when Hamilton is not in the picture.

    94. Rusdy Parinduri

      Hamilton : at this point I think F1 is racist, I think it should be black people to have finished pole position from bottom

    95. Osvaldo González

      Esta carrera me hizo llorar

    96. CreativeCreations

      Checo you are brilliant.... Really like you .. I want to see you win 2021 Season... Make strong comeback ... And grab points with Redbull... You are F1 Star...❤️

    97. Michael Ryan

      Goes from winning a race, to not being sure if he will be in F1 anymore, to then joining a team capable of winning a championship, to almost getting Pole position on his second race of 2021. Hope to see more of this guy killing it

    98. Jose Cuevas

      Muy pocos lo logran y se necesita un poco de suerte

    99. Luigi 06

      Pedro acosta approved


      Louise helmet is the champion