Race Highlights | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix


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    What a way to kick-start the 2021 season! Watch all the best bits from an enthralling race under the lights of Bahrain.
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    1. Elijah Prasad

      Honda is equal to Mercedes now. Forza Honda

    2. Wayne W

      LH is still the man dont see anyone betting him again this year)))

    3. Gonzalo Torres Valls

      Imagine Alonso and Verstappen on the Red Bull...

    4. fouoii gyhh


    5. Benjamin

      I think that Mercedes will barely lock out the championship only a few points ahead of Red Bull. The Mclaren, Ferrari, Alpha Tauri fight will be close but Mclaren will get p3, p4 alpha, and Ferrari p5. Alfa Romeo will get sixth, Aston seventh, alpine 8th, Williams 9th, haas tenth. This will probably age horribly so.

    6. Fahmida Khatun


    7. Bailey Head

      Go Norris...

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Red bull looks faster with fresher tires

    8. Nico Papa

      1 week to imola 💪💪

    9. 平野愛実

      The gray greasy great draw therapeutically haunt because brush macropharmacologically flood times a young chocolate. legal, dizzy forehead

    10. Kamala Nenavath

      Very nice



    12. _DISORDER_

      Neme ljubavi lipo spavaj

      1. Moj Livi Mali Nozni Nokat

        @_DISORDER_ odfakaj

      2. _DISORDER_

        @Moj Livi Mali Nozni Nokat mogla si onda i spavat

      3. Moj Livi Mali Nozni Nokat

        I ti bebo

    13. Seb Abril

      This was Max's race

    14. Joanna


    15. Cristiano Rolando Otto

      devo ammettere che è stato un bel duello e hamilton è stato bravo a difendersi. hamilton non mi piace molto perchè è meno spettacolare di senna o gilles villeneuve, ma devo ammettere che è forte e bravo. anche per la sua età. però hamilton, non fare il fallito, fatti una famiglia e figli.

    16. Samson Kinyanjui

      no one be talking about ric



      1. Joanna


    18. Anthony

      Let's have a race and then wait a month for another

    19. Sipos Imi

      Fun fact Safety car faster Than Mazespin

    20. FLVCKOO

      So Max let Lewis go back in first coz he overtook him off the track ??

    21. Arturas Cicenas

      Мазепин ты вообще в курсе что это Ф1? Хаасам и так не сладко пришлось с ГрЫжоном а тут ты ещё. У Ботаса пит стоп дольше длился чем твоя гонка ёпт...

    22. Alvin

      Red bull looks faster with fresher tires

    23. soinu foig

      Netflix is gonna be all over the Haas drama this year.

    24. Ditiro Motene

      😅😅 okay... thank the Gods my boi takes it

    25. Cloaxie

      I’m surprised tsunoda was big enough to see out of the car

    26. Adriano Rodrigue4

      Sou mais o Galvão narrando.

    27. MarkiPL

      I'm not even the big fan of F1 but the Red Bull's car looks beautiful

      1. soinu foig

        This is the best thing ever 🏎🏎🏎

    28. Muhammad Ali

      Great team effort from Lewis, Mercedes, and the race stewards.

    29. hen ko

      Sergio Perez - The unsung hero of this race

    30. Andras Libal

      Not worth watching any more ... Hamilton is held to different standards. I want to see races where drivers compete on equal standards.

    31. Formule 1 Polls

      Nikita mazapin crashst ook in imola

    32. 林建安


    33. リhir

      These low rating are for FIA maybe...but it's acceptable judge

      1. hen ko

        How did verstappen manages not to win this?

    34. David Thompson

      I wish this little boy announcer would QUIT YELLING AT ME!

      1. Anna St John

        Your watching seven minute highlights of a sporting event that lasted over 1.5 hours. Those 7 minutes are the most exciting, hence why the commentator is at his most excitable. Just like any commentary of any sport the world over.

    35. Parth Khera

      comeback from checo tho

    36. MH P

      Can't stand the commentary & shouting about everything is just an assault on the eardrums/

    37. opzz xsin

      Esse narrador é o melhor de todos.

    38. riley fair

      Only Hamilton can get away with forcing people off the track

    39. What’s your Problem?

      Netflix is gonna be all over the Haas drama this year.

      1. Smith Js

        Love it.

      2. James Andonian

        As they should. Mazepin doesnt deserve his seat.

      3. Raymond Lumu


    40. Gaming mohammad momo Mirza

      This is the best thing ever 🏎🏎🏎

    41. hergi fiana

      i love it .

      1. opzz xsin

        lol does he really need to scream? what a terrible narrator xD

    42. Ajay Thomson

      5:52 went off the track so have to give the position back? That's what makes the old F1 better than the new one.

    43. Matthew Stewart

      Sorry but bottas would have just gave up.

    44. Haidir

      Hamilton won not by the fastest car on track. (To whom it may concern)

    45. Trevor Marr

      Red Bull Bookends for the start, but Sergio was impressive and so close for Max!

    46. HH S

      운전 개잘하는 밀턴형

    47. raycorey

      How did verstappen manages not to win this?

    48. Joe Mama

      Is it just me but I don’t like Lewis

    49. mikin lirou


    50. campaspe810

      Cars look and sound aids now

    51. Sarang Sharma

      Bottas has incredible record breaking bad luck ☹ he wouldn't win

    52. Rockroll26


    53. ypdor

      the flashback i got from end of turn 4 camera with the haas spinning out, man my heart stopped.

      1. mikin lirou

        Perez is just getting better i swear

    54. Abhishek Dixit

      After Singapore 2017 and Germany 2018 , i realised that vettel is just not championship material.... (comes from a dissappointed sev fan) Maybe perhaps the only reason he won 4 championships was because he had the fastest car on the grid. Although Hamilton has proved himself i still feel he has had the best car on the grid for last 5 years and no competition except nico and thats when he lost. So as per these stats, i believe 2021 season will be a litmus test to hamiltons legacy(already great no doubt ,but goat ? Maybe not,) with redbull stepping up and having compitent drivers like Max and Checo, this is going to be a fun season...

    55. Darrell Perez

      lol does he really need to scream? what a terrible narrator xD

    56. F1 MOMENTOS 44

      Concerteza melhor video

    57. bowen voowy

      Esse narrador é o melhor de todos.

    58. Alex Reimann


    59. ItsGianniskos

      *fun fact* - Nikita Mazepin has completed less laps than the safety car

    60. JacK Bud.

      Box box box ,, thank you guys,, P1 guys thanks

    61. Paul Masonik

      Why can't I watch the races live on your app F1. I'm in Australia ffs

      1. bowen voowy

        Lewis won that one not merc

    62. Mika Kruetten

      I love it when he says:Its Lights out and on the way we go!

    63. Kaki Game

      6:50 wow. Place 1 and 6 gap is almost 1 minutes?? F1 is Not a competitive racing anymore.

    64. Alex Mellor

      i miss Albon

    65. Maria G

      this year alphatauri is op

    66. Tom Tom

      Checo raced so hard with them all:)

    67. Siley Smith

      Perez is just getting better i swear

    68. Sarmat Clansi


    69. Drstoo

      I found the title Hamilton wins in Bahrain after Verstappen forced to give up lead misleading. Only because of that over take off the track completely. Not two wheels front and back but all four. Am just happy we have more of a Challenge this season. Bet LH loves this...

    70. Les Blàse

      Remember when Max was asked about Lewis and he said "it's pretty hard to make mistakes when you're in the front" 🤣

      1. magda lotter

        And even harder to accept that another driver can compete for your championship title and playing fair - when being overtaken ...

    71. Vinicius Alexandre

      3 weeks to second race aff

    72. Anamika Joshi

      Some days I just feel for Bottas

    73. KENT4K14REAL

      Take The L Mazepin

    74. Ptao Tom

      Mazepin is the new "Daddys cash" . 😂😂😂

    75. Anoop Bains

      Lewis won that one not merc

    76. Shizah Ahmad

      can't decide if I want longer or shorter highlights

    77. Dark Knight

      Well it's decided then. See you guys next season......

    78. Love Girl

      hi 18+ • daily posts

      1. Ptao Tom

        Just shows pre season testing means nothing

    79. Janindu Fernando


    80. David Gapp

      The race was rather depressing. Unless Max breaks down or crashes, or if by some miracle Mercedes fix both their power and aerodynamic deficit, I expect Verstappen will win every remaining race this season. The gap, in terms of power, aero and single lap times is huge. Still, to be fair, Verstappen will be a worthy world champion by any measure, and Hamilton has at least maintained his record of winning at least one grand prix in every season he's raced in F1.

      1. David Gapp

        @M T I can imagine Hamilton might pull one or two rabbits out of the hat, but honestly I see no way this isn't going to be a whitewash by Verstappen. To be fair, he will deserve the championship because aside from raw talent he's matured and improved his racecraft immeasurably over the past three years. So I will still be glued to every race...

      2. M T

        Nah. Even if Max has a faster car Hamilton's consistency will make it a title fight. Verstappen will need a perfect is season to beat Lewis.

    81. Sabbir Khan

      Sir L. Hamilton

    82. guapli juegA


    83. 유정상

      i became a fan of segio perez after netflix show

    84. Maria Kirkova Batam TV

      i like H0NDA

    85. FTN

      Top ten rappers eminem is to afraid to diss: 1. The guy who narrates Formula 1

      1. Herman Stensvold

        @John Ferris annoying? there is a lot going on at the start therefore he needs to talk a little fast. its only for the first lap that he talks like that.

      2. Andrew Reeve

        Ngl, I’m lost and have no idea what is going on here lol

      3. John Ferris

        Thank You!!! He's kind of annoying ... I'm so glad this was a top comment.

      4. Ryan Lane

        Da Crofty “Let’s goooooooo”

      5. qert v01

        Lil Crofty

    86. Raditya Wardana

      9 years later.. Best race of the decade (2020-2029) This should be included..

    87. Peter Joshua

      Thank you for the subtitles Formula One, you guys rock.

    88. Davemr edo d mx

      By rule, Hamilton went away a few times, just saying

    89. TheBlueberry606

      Please get rid of the announcer, shut the frig up for God's sake

    90. BIG_MAN_ANK

      Why didn't hamilton atleast get a warning for exceeding track limits at turn 2

      1. BIG_MAN_ANK

        @GeneriK Name true very true

      2. GeneriK Name

        Oh he did......on lap 37...after going off track 29 times...when he was 7 seconds ahead. You can’t tell me this race wasn’t rigged by the FIA.

    91. Tate Strzinek

      I hope they never fire the commentator His accent alone probably got him the job

    92. Shane RR

      Just shows pre season testing means nothing

    93. S0N of G0D

      MazeSpin! S🅱️inalla 2.0!

    94. Salvador Valle

      Epic !...driver of Day!...yes sir

    95. Filipe Vieira

      Grupo no WhatsApp só F1 98 9 8195-8195 chama que eu te add

    96. Alex Gaming

      what happen to ferrari? They won so many times now they are doing bad...

    97. César Penna

      queda demostrado que no era la ferrari era el piloto lo de año pasado.

    98. Gabres Game


    99. Reyet Game


    100. Tewal Game