Sergio Perez's Epic Comeback | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix


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    You can't knock Sergio Perez down! After suffering a technical issue on the formation lap the Mexican's race was seemingly over. However, the Bahrain comeback King got going once again from the pit lane and finished a superb fifth on debut for Red Bull Racing. Relive the epic moment onboard with Checo!
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    1. Dimitris Krasanakis

      Fun fact albon finished 5th from last at his first race with Red Bull too

    2. Mahendra Pratap Singh

      mazpine saves him xD

    3. CrxzyBros

      They should add dream speedrun music in these type of overtaking vids

    4. Ismael Miranda

      Vamos checo!!!!!....a lo Mika hakkinen.......trabajo y talento juntos!!!!...🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    5. Karol N

      Meabwhile Gasly and albon would be fighting Williams the whole race

    6. el deivid

      That whistle from the engine tho

    7. Kenneth Ellseth

      imagine how much more fun F1 would be with more equal cars, 100% up to drivers skill, and would be so many great battles!

    8. Raúl Fernández

      ese es el Checo Pérez viva México

    9. Pitak Sing Seri


    10. Eduardo Esquivel


    11. Bret Nuttall

      VIVA la Mexico!!! Let's gooo! That is championship driving, full stop.

      1. Bret Nuttall

        Can only speculate the faces in the garage.

    12. Anand Nair

      It will only get better from now. 🔥

    13. bon bon

      Alex albon epic comeback.... P5

    14. 冬樹Taks

      could someone tell me the name of the song?

    15. Sulthan Ishard

      Who clicked this video after the Aramco rise of the rookie Perez's episode

    16. YLMZ Technics

      Nice driving from checo , you just pass these guys like nothing, so nice to see

    17. Kelvin Tsoi

      Going against Pérez? One bit of advice: Watch your back

    18. svtinker

      RedBull is looking smart here. Pérez is fast, mature, and genuine. An easy sell for the marketing department.

    19. Callum Cohen Jones


    20. PredX Gaming

      I’m waiting for “The lights are still on? And we won’t go 😐”

    21. beyond infinity

      Perez is the Bahrain's champion!

    22. Jxhnny_Gxddamn

      Nice POV

    23. Krisztián Pap

      i already see he can be a world champion

    24. อาคม มากบุญ


    25. อาคม มากบุญ


    26. อาคม มากบุญ


    27. อาคม มากบุญ


    28. han lim

      he did it again? another comeback? dude is amazing under pressure.

    29. szewei1985

      Haha this round 2 mercedes and verstappen not retiring. So unable 2 gun 4 the 2nd win of his career. Deng.

    30. Griffen Gaming

      redbull best hire best drivers

    31. PePro


    32. Ximik20

      El sonidito as background song would be more befitting tbh

    33. 1u4a Radziejowice4a

      what a comeback WOW

    34. MaksiGamer 21

      Radio check-o Lol

    35. Tejas Nimbre

      absolute send it was...

    36. Moisés Maciel

      O cara é muito abusado, tmlc

    37. Exploring Together!

      This is real driving

    38. JoZe ZancheZ


    39. Anish Lamsal

      and to think a few months ago this dude was about to be out of F1 while bums like Ocon are still driving. amazing. watch RB win constructor championship this year

    40. Lee Claxton

      this is the same format as Vettel 2012 in Brazil video when he won the title

    41. TC Playz and Predicts

      Whos here after he beat Max in imola qualifying

    42. sp1nmaster

      music name?

    43. Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97

      He charges his way through the field smooth as silk

    44. José Torres S

      “Cars in front, Schumacher, Latifi, Russell.” Pérez: Game on!

    45. Pirate

      Checo is incredibull

    46. Yoyoamg Amg

      Well done Nice

    47. wayan tingkong

      Goo honda

    48. Héctor

      $troll, Vettel y Aston Martin cuando los pasó en pista: 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    49. Venkatesh Babu

      Super ........ salud

    50. Akzrin

      Wait. Schumacher?! Did i miss something?

    51. Agustín Gracida

      Ahora sí mijo, demuestrales de que estas hecho, de puro ORO mi rey!!!!

    52. mariana gonzalez

      Si cheko

    53. mariana gonzalez


    54. mariana gonzalez

      Excelente corto. Excelente recuento 👌👍🏁🏆🇲🇽

    55. Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde

      Amazing video, thank you!! But it's too shooooooooooooort!! :D

    56. William Estay

      Lo más grande Checo.. saludos desde Chile

    57. Mark Aponte

      Que venga IMOLA PREDICTION is Sergio on the podium

    58. Mark Aponte

      Starting p11 to then move to pit start and end in points un duro

    59. Victor Barraza

      Grande checo🇲🇽

    60. Mier1234

      But I thought it was too difficult to overtake in F1 nowadays?

    61. Colejk09

      What is the music they use in the vid?

    62. Michael Estrada

      Sometimes I feel like Perez falls behind on purpose just to make a comeback

    63. Rafapov FF

      Albon seeing that: At least i got a podium

    64. Avinash _

      Who else likes the sound of the honda onboard, i like it a lot

    65. micketkeong

      if Albon in that car, that car will be wasted.

    66. soy un ninosaurio :v

      Pasos para encender tu monoplaza si se apaga fácil y rápido quito volante le meto un putaso le soplo le doy un empujón y listo ya arrancó 🏎️😎👍

    67. blazeicebreaker

      He might of possibly hit podium if the race was longer

    68. genebro

      I think sergio is my new favorite haha

    69. Cutebunch123

      Let's hope Perez won't be another Albon

    70. part of the group called people of the internet

      I hope he wins in Monaco so we can see him jumping in the pool like daniel and Webber

    71. R Z

      Arriba México... Muy buen trabajo de Sergio... Saludos desde Mazatlan Sinaloa

    72. Guy Ben Sheffer

      How did he overtake Seb twice, before he pitted?

    73. tomas gonzales

      Neta que desesperante ha de haber sido para checo , pero que carreron se aventó le faltaron vueltas si no también rebase a noris

    74. EJ Tamayo

      Why does it sound like he has a renault power unit?

      1. kona

        Because the microphone is really close to the transmission like in the Renault and Alpine.

    75. alex rodriguez


    76. Zxxcnn

      the tires: ;-;

    77. kaushal shinde

      imagine if he wld hv started from his original position(p11)..

    78. Jahangir

      Thanks RB

    79. Luis Díaz

      Thanks for such amazing video!

    80. vwbora26

      Who is better the guy that starts up front, and race all over the place going over track limits or the guy that starts last and finishes in 5th ? You know the answer.

    81. Yellow TCheetah


    82. BlueGibson

      I want to see VER PER LEC in this season reather than HAM BOT VER

    83. neutral color of Adelia

      Excellent editing! Please keep this template for every driver when they did overtake!

    84. Ali Ahsan

      If sergio get confident in his car, it can be alert for max territory

    85. crxdelsolsir

      Crazy how this 2021 video has more views than the video of the same driver on the same track actually winning the race in 2020

    86. brain eater

      This guy never gave a fuckd about a star driver from the day he joined f1 .... i dont think he will ever settle to be the second driver for red bull ...max should watch out ....

    87. KenJi Capangpangan

      I really love the soundtrack, it fits on the fightback of Checo. Please tell me what is the title of the soundtrack. 😂

      1. Gerardo Saucedo

        Stay True To Me - Bob Bradley

    88. Stupid Visionary

      Most underrated driver in F1.

    89. shogrran

      Legend says the officials inspected the Perez's car for possible borderline illegal high performance components and they found it was between the wheel and the car seat.

    90. M Nabil Rabbani

      2013-2019 = Red Bull < Ferrari < Merc 2020 = Ferrari Redbull < Merc 2021 = Merc And Ferrari

    91. PEDRO ANTONIO alvarez gonzalez

      Se combinaron varios factores pero sin duda Checo demostró porqué lo fichó RB. Creo será una gran temporada para Checo y para RB, aún le falta adaptarse y pulir ciertos aspectos técnicos. Sólo espero verlo peleando por podios y victorias, pero paciencia todo a su tiempo. 🇲🇽

    92. crxdelsolsir

      Marko and Horner: Let us stress test our new driver to see how he reacts RedBull: In 3, 2 and 1 0:03

    93. KiiLzReaPz

      put some eurobeat on the background and enjoy

    94. Kakatua

      2:45 Did he slow down (listen to the engine) so that Vettel would cross the DRS detection line first? Then Checo overtakes at the turn AND also has the DRS advantage on the staright. If that was intentional, it was brilliant.

      1. toneykk

        He knows what a merc engine can do on the straight line

    95. Jesus Alberto

      Exelente corto. Buena musicalizacion. 🤟🏁✌️🏆🇲🇽

    96. chikiguites

      The next time we have wuold start from the Kalifato!

    97. JRP 117

      Little Caesars: Pizza Pizza Checo: Box Box

    98. BACON GANG


    99. Tiger z

      Mr Perez you are the man Can watch this video 100 times and still feel excited every time I watch this

    100. Jenkszy

      Anyone know the song name?

      1. Gerardo Saucedo

        Stay True To Me - Bob Bradley