Top 10 Emotional Podiums


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    In the midst of the adrenalin, elation and drama that Formula 1 racing brings, the sport has seen a fair amount of tear-jerking emotional moments, both on track and off.
    Here we look at ten of the most heart-wrenching episodes on the top three steps.

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    1. Carlo S

      Winning a race when your mom died? Wow.

    2. Carlo S

      Ricciardo got to kiss a princess. That was enough.

    3. Carlos Monterrosa

      The voice of this girl is amazing who is she?

    4. TSA Brawl Stars

      2:50 nooooo!

    5. dezpotizmOFheaven

      If Red Bull would have sat all their cards on Ricciardo instead of Crashstappen they would have been Champion already... Same with Ferrari in 2019...

    6. Muhammed Sadık DUMAN

      That's why i hate Hamilton's moments sometimes. you have to way open not to close. 1:23

    7. Dean Sheridan

      I truly believe hamilton let LeClerc win that rave for his friend

    8. suprova akhanjee

      I swear I’m gonna make my son a f1 driver In 10 years

    9. Domike

      This is a great video

    10. Aaron Gygie

      Can we get a Rush style movie about Senna already?

    11. Un Phoque

      Got chills on Schumacher’s podium knowing his mother died few hours ago...

    12. Angus Fraser

      1:32 Hamilton's smug passive aggressiveness exemplified in just a few seconds, the real reason I can't stand him. It has nothing to do with his race, or even his races, just his attitude off track.

    13. Angus Fraser

      Rubinho's podium is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in Formula One.

    14. Roger Miller Silva

      14:08 O grito do Senna - Inesquecível (hoje é 1º de maio)

    15. JustFun598

      Sorry, I love Schumacher, but there was only one Rain Master and he was called Ayrton Senna.

    16. Frida Sofía Carvajal

      Checo is the best pilot, I love uuu, SOMOS CHINGONESSSS😍🤞🏼

    17. My FM Story

      Did she look up every single word in the thesaurus?

    18. Eduardo Pinheiro

      All Brazillian victorys in this video was very significant for the people here. We don´t like sports. We like victories.

    19. AnimeNerd

      2016 monaco gotta hurt a lot for daniel

    20. Matheus Felipe

      12:59 what a moment (and transition too) 💙

    21. Thiago Moura

      After so long, F1 remains exciting.

    22. Hadrionics

      14:08 SCP-096 be like

    23. Liyandza P. Dlamini

      Making us tearful with half of these ....

    24. Ralf Lauren


    25. Leslie Weatherford

      What about that race in America when the drivers pulled out for safety reasons? I remember the winner of that race was quite happy 😂

    26. Hadrionics

      Topic: NASCAR

    27. igor manzanari

      Brasileiro ta sempre na pica aí quando consegue algo bom chora p krl memo

    28. Big Bosh

      Prosts smile says it all when senna pulled him up. I bet that complete his career to have his biggest rival show the respect he deserved. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    29. Joel Ferreira

      just like soccer, brazil is a factory to make formula one drivers, proud of my heroes !!!


      13:15 uau!

    31. Philip DXer 0110

      8:48 Schumi in symphony

    32. Leonardo Poloni

      Brazil 08 was the only the race that I saw live and it was so perfect that I would not dare to go again

    33. Kristian Olsen

      09:59 «He has done everything he needed to do» 😭💔💔

    34. Raditya Pramana Putra

      Who Is Hope For The Part 2 Of This Video?! 24/04/2021 19:33.

    35. Jon He


    36. MEME#HORSE

      1:23 Yup that is Hamilton, he's doing the Hamilton move again.

    37. Adhish K Senthil

      Tears flowed down my eyes as I watched this video and I thought I was crying but only to find me watching FIblock for 5 hours straight with no rest🤣🤣🤣

    38. Rockerti

      13:09 hes a robot, he dont cry

    39. Baby Yi

      Schumacher's podium at 8:42 brought a smile to my face

    40. Perish Sama

      "He put his Ferrari on Pole, and the mclaren man P4" Cj: Nice rhymes man

    41. Emiel Digneffe

      why isnt kimi here?

    42. Peter Mitchelmore

      Roberto Moreno's second place at Suzuka would have been a fine addition to the compilation.

    43. Mario Riccio

      12:48 Mclaren crew cheering at Barrichello!

    44. Zaid Akhtar

      There should be a movie on the rivalry of senna and prost

    45. Ragazzo Millegnial

      BarriLello:Non sto Barrichello:Yes


      Senna Forever

    47. simi9222


    48. André Levi

      A tamb tinha q ser do Rubinho haha

    49. Kyri Cy

      Where is Gasly?





    52. Vardaan Chaphekar

      Defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory? Ah yes, I went to the leg cuz I broke my hospital

    53. joão lucas

      Rubens Barrichello o melhor brasileiro que eu vi, sou fã desse cara 🇧🇷❤️❤️

    54. ArnoldLayne100

      For a true F1 fan, it is impossible not to be thrilled to see Senna and his iconic helmet, sitting in his McLaren! I miss you so much on my Sundays, Senna ....

    55. Станислав Платонов

      US 2005 for Tiago?

    56. Tobias Knorr

      Remember Schumacher in Imola 2003. No Podium was more Emotional!

    57. Marcos Paulo

      The Kamui Podium was amazing too.

    58. Lyubomir Karadzhov

      Top 10 Emotional Podiums Kimi - we dont do that here

    59. Alfredo Batista dos Santos Júnior

      Todos esportistas de automobilismo brasileiros, são considerados heróis !

    60. pbuttandjam

      100,000 hearts sink in the grandstand!

    61. Tomule2

      Schumacher brothers after their mom died should be in TOP 3, I also miss Gasly´s win and that huge team strategy fiasco in Austria GP 2002, when Barrichello was terribly robbed

    62. Flaros Overfield

      "For F1's most successful team, Ferrari." This video aged like a corpse.

    63. victor

      Chequered got the Checo flag for the win!

    64. Anderson Galindo

      Shumi...Is Dik Vigarista Senna Herói nacional...1 number 1

    65. Kimberley

      Not me sitting here and crying...

    66. hector herbert

      that Brazilian GP ..guess Hamilton got the door open for him to pass.....dude let him pass easy ,not defending his position...??!!!!

    67. Leonardo Casimiro

      Frank Williams history number one?!! Serious?! Give me a break.

    68. J GetsCensored

      I see FIblock is getting comfortable with those non skippable ads again. 😒

    69. Ricardo Costa Andrade

      what is the name of the song at 7:43 ?

    70. Simon B

      Pure sportsmanship from Senna. He would never have got that treatment from Prost

    71. JiiHoo

      No Finns in this one as I expected! :) Podium -> sauna -> beer -> maybe smile a little bit.

    72. Redeemed Farmer

      Red bull hates Australia, because they destroy two Australian drivers......

    73. Dhar Maitri

      Not surprised that something narrated in English would leave Checo's amazing emotional win in 9th place. Europeans are INCREDIBLY RACIST.

    74. Dhar Maitri

      My favorite one: Checo Pérez'

    75. Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti

      Se tem emoção no Podium, tem brasileiros. Un bon place pour Antoine Hubert.

    76. Courtney Clifford

      The open alarm evocatively cure because mandolin postoperatively match circa a godly spot. beautiful, unkempt server

    77. Robson Robson

      Every thrilling moments of the F1 came from that beast called Senna.

    78. yk. josueee

      what was the music in the background for daniel’s monaco podium

    79. SperuXX

      Emotional on podium Kimi Räikkönen: 😐

    80. mabuffon

      I think Rubens Barrichello deserves a Top 10 moments of brilliance!

    81. Syphon Toastie

      Sorry a females voice in F1 is just weird...

    82. Arthur C. M. Esposito

      3 brasilians on that video. So proud.

    83. Matteo Menichinelli

      aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so inspirational

    84. Mayank Maximum

      Every f1 drivers in hard pressure *cryes* one kid who won *sleeps*

    85. Bogdan Iacovescu

      3:30 stop right there...listen to that ENGINE!!!

    86. Florent T

      You forgot Gasly :/

    87. Zoë M

      you can’t lie, this isn’t your first time here and it won’t be your last


      Checo will never give up!

    89. Randy Pinaud

      "schumaKer" weird way to say it

    90. Alexandre Heringer

      Senna era incrível... que saudade daquelas manhãs de domingo... Ayrton Senna do Brasillllllll

    91. Izildo JR

      Senna the best!!!

    92. Epic_man_army

      i was expecting to se nikki lauda rivalries in the video

    93. Just me


    94. Bino Huan

      Checko ❤️

    95. Lathrop L. d S T

      Thumbs down... There are much better podiums left out.

    96. Natã Gabriel

      Se o brasileiro não for na luta não é Brasil !!!!!

    97. Jec Kek

      14:50 I think first place goes to the engineers and the driver. An eye rolling way to end an otherwise amazing video.

    98. Ben Wülfrath


    99. THE_ GREEN

      i l dr

    100. ObsidianYT

      6:46 is that Prost?