Top 10 Battles For The Lead Of The F1 Hybrid Era


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    We've witnessed numerous thrilling battles for the lead in the infamous hybrid era and have narrowed down ten of the very best so far. Buckle in!
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    1. SB N

      This is just Hamilton show!

    2. Deacon Galanopoulos

      3:03 looks like he’s floating

    3. bon bon

      2014-2020......just team mercedes....

    4. Naufal Nasir

      2015, 2016, 2017: am i a joke to you?

    5. 세상의중심갓냥이

      3:00 I just thought the red bull is flying because of the helicopter's shadow

    6. MRZ Kaos

      Instead of saying valtteri it’s James he should of said hey sisters it’s James

    7. varun mishra

      The act that Bottas puts up in Drive to Survive is commendable, displaying emotions that it actually hurts to see Lewis win. Come on mate we all know you agreed to get castrated just for a seat at Mercedes and some big bucks. They have you by the b*lls. Any self respecting individual would have left the team (Reach out to Seb if you need any advice)

    8. Pedro Silva

      "For those who don't know me now you do" Hamilton - 2018. Yeah i know you by a lot of team orders to benefit you and no penalties from the FIA

      1. John citizen


    9. RAV MAN

      No USA 2018? Are you kidding me?

    10. Ritchie Siepman

      I always feel sorry for Bottas when James tells him to hold position or to let Lewis pass

    11. Ginger 0709

      3:02 yo it looked like the cars were floating

    12. BeastlyGamerr

      In Germany 2018 did Hamilton get a penalty for going into the pits then going off track and rejoining the track without going into the pits

    13. Jakarta Plane Spotter

      3:01 woah i thought Max's car is floating

    14. Lala Lulu

      3:01 nobody gonna say about the floating car?

    15. Manvish 187

      At 3.02 the redbull looks like it’s in the air

    16. Brent Holmes

      What’s the name of the first song?

    17. Manuel Gimferrer

      The Gasly-Sainz battle in Monza 2020 (even if they didn't get to go wheel to wheel) was better than the "Valtteri, it's James" one. Just an opinion.

    18. José Luis Moya

      3:00 looks like they are flying

    19. Don Reyes

      at 3:01 the car looks like flying coz of helicopter shadow

    20. Rachad ESSOURI

      Look at @3:02 Max looks like flying in that Redbull cars, it does gives you wings in fact.

    21. rcmanization

      haha why is bottas vs hamilton on here when it wasn't even a battle?

    22. John Pikoulis

      When you realize that there is something wrong with the hybrid era when hamilton is in all ten clips

    23. Fadhlan Anhari

      Now I realize why hybrid era getting bored Fyi, maybe the title should be "Hamilton best overtake" lol

    24. Grant Gardner

      3:02 did anyone else see the Red Bull floating cause of the shadow or just me?

    25. The Nickname

      3:00 can we talk about how max looks like he is floating

    26. Tim Ariaans

      Welcome to the Hamilton & Verstappen show ... :-D

    27. Tim Ariaans

      Germany 2018 .. not really one to mention.

    28. 우헤으헤

      3:01 날라가는줄 ㅋㅋ

    29. Flanker 27

      When you read Paddy Lowe's interview about how Mercedes never even ran their engine at full power because they "were afraid their tremendous superiority would make the FIA change the regulations" (with one exception when Rosberg and Hamilton did so without the team's approval and ran 2 SECONDS a lap faster than anyone else in Bahrain 2014) Then you know none of these battles (with the obvious exception of the last one) are tight in any way. Lewis has 20% more power available anytime at the switch of a button. Who would not keep his cool in such conditions? And this has not changed at all, as we saw during the last race in Imola, when Lewis was once again lapping almost 2 seconds faster than anyone else. All this hype around "how close the battle is" is so artificial and for once I wish we still had Bernie Ecclestone governing F1. At least the man knew that all the fakeness would impact his business

    30. Brogan Smith

      The Red Bull looks like it's flying at 3:01 because of the helicopter shadow. Looks so cool.

    31. Albertus Aswin

      Merc-Lewis Dominance

    32. Furkan

      3:01 I thought Redbull is flying for real

    33. PlushyDragoon14

      I love rosbergs theme it slaps pretty hard

    34. Guga Gomes

      This top 10 is rigged I stopped watching in “Valtteri it’s James” what a joke ...

    35. amimatronic

      Alternate tittle: drivers trying to get p1 but obstructed by the bri ish boy

    36. explicit

      Alternative Title: Mercedes winning races equal engines

    37. T ForEVER

      3:00 i though max was flying

    38. Nabil Nawwafal Aliyulhafids

      Hamilton always makes me *WOW*

    39. E. W.

      How is Number 9 in a Top 10 of battle's if there is a clear team order?

    40. S K

      bruh i freaked out on 3:01

    41. Jakob Walf

      At 3:01 it somehow looks like verstappen is flying with that shadow of the helicopter dunno

    42. View Film

      Great drivers

    43. Fernando Gomides

      Best fights... "Hold position" 👍🏼

    44. Ben-Luca Wessels

      Monaco is so boring

    45. Diego Díaz-Barriga Yáñez

      3:00 looks like that red bull is flying literally

    46. DarthShuckille

      Well the title did say battle for the lead, I wonder won the majority of races during the hybrid era 🤭.

    47. Saisagar Singh

      3:01 what it is flying 😲😱

    48. Juan Manuel Vargas Sanchez

      3:01 my head hurt

    49. Soham Kolambe

      3:01 is it just me or do the cars seem to levitate !!!!!

    50. Jaime Peralta

      "All of Hamilton"

    51. Tuan Amaya

      if you put more effort into the storytelling, editing, etc you could end up sacaling the youtube channel as a new "daily" drive to survive empire 😀

    52. PENS

      3:00 Redbull's flying! haha

    53. Snapshot 101

      That's the problem with F1. You can't do a video with top 50 or 100 battles for the lead !

    54. Magdy preez

      Max with fast car + fresh tyres and couldn't overtakes Hamilton in correct way , advantage Lewis Hamilton welldone legend

    55. Lasse Laine

      3:00 That helicopter shadow makes it look like Verstappen's red bull is flying

    56. Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

      Austria 2019 foreshadows the epic battles the future has in store for us. I just can't wait!!!

    57. Panji Fahmin

      16:21 it’s happening till now Nico

    58. Ha Nguyen

      It's Hamilton race =)))

    59. Ares Sanchez

      I don't see that they take Sergio into account

    60. Muhammad Syathir

      3:03 that helicopter shadow made the car look floating

    61. Albertfebi

      13:52 I though the car was flying!! But it was the helicopter shadow

    62. CRK

      No versteppen vs leclerc silverstone 2019 :C

    63. Tommaso Pizzala

      3:01 the cars were flying

    64. Icaro Santos

      seb in a redbull would've had a better chance then seb in a faster ferrari, he needs that grippy redbull

    65. Wiesław S

      3:02 star wars?

    66. Sam Eman

      Race number 8 it looked like the cars where flying

    67. Thiago Assis

      Boring! There is not any competition in F1 since 2012.

    68. Jonny Alexander

      Nicos face 😂

    69. Kenedy Kanyeki

      Hamilton is like in all of them😂

    70. zqlxv -

      3:00 idk why i thought the cars were floating for a sec

    71. gamende tukker

      Verstappen raikkonnen 2016 spain

    72. Benedict Gross

      Gasly vs Sainz in Monza?? Missed that one...

    73. mrossco

      What a boring era.

    74. Nazrul Haqimi Mohamad

      I wondering why nobody talks about the redbull car looks like floating due to the chopper’s shadow

    75. Carlos Solrac

      03:01 looks like redbull is floating

    76. Azis Iman Widagdo

      Oh boy, i miss silver mercedes

    77. Raúl Sanahuja Tortosa

      Max vs Lewis is the same as Nico vs Lewis Casuality ;)?

    78. ian kemboi

      the battle in the desert 👌🔥🔥🔥

    79. Farris Duwayri

      2:29 “No team orders at Mercedes 2:36 *Team orders at Mercedes

    80. zen1th

      was it just me or did i feel like the cars were floating in 3:03

    81. Michal Korenko

      Lewis is the biggest crybaby kekw

    82. Sebastian The III

      ?? what battles lol

    83. Rebekah L

      I swear every time I see 2 Mercs racing each other I get Spain 2016 (i think it was then) flashbacs

    84. Patrick Cesalesta

      How about battle for the lead before the hybrid era? No drs, pure engine power and pure engine sound, man and machine unite.

    85. z DOC

      Did 3:02 ish with the shadow trip anyone else out?

    86. zR Itachi

      Max Strives in going to the limit

    87. J. B.

      LeClerc defending vs Hamilton needs to be higher up.

    88. Jose Vela

      Alonso vs Ricciardo vs Hamilton

    89. Axl Rose

      2:44 Rosberg fez uma cara de "se fosse comigo, uma porra q eu ia ficar atrás desse maluco segurando posição"

    90. Francisco Ravecca Pérez del Castillo

      Did anyone else see ricciardo flying in the third clip?

    91. ReckLess Racer

      6:47 hulkenberg busy watching battle

    92. Pranav Kumar Mishra

      you should make a top 10 almost wins

    93. Ilias Chengaou

      I have a question where is vettel against Lewis in 2017 Spain or Belgian 2018 at the start ?

      1. Nex

        because crymilton lost

    94. András Tóth

      Where is 2018 British GP? It was one of the best fights in the hybrid era

    95. Alec

      How can there be a battle at Monaco 🤣🤣 you can't overtake, there's no point even racing there

    96. Alec

      Man rosberg really couldn't race. He could drive sure but he could not race. Put him in a defending or overtaking scenario and he bottles it

    97. Samuel Redburn

      who else thought at 3:02 that the cars were fyling

    98. Chev

      I'm glad it was enough for a top 10 with Mercedes running 1/2 in 95% of the races 😂

    99. Nurkholik

      Lewis always carefull to avoid contact, while max always done anything,mad blockpass and ready to pay it

    100. velkaan

      2:38 xd